Investment Management

Our investment platform creates a robust principal investment and advisory business spanning over equity and debt platforms, managed accounts and asset management. Our vision is to provide steady risk-adjusted returns to the investors, based on both long and short-term strategies, backed by a disciplined, transparent and prudent investment process. Our experienced professionals have complete in-depth knowledge covering technical, legal, taxation, state level compliance, and due diligence across Indian markets. We ensure to provide highest Investment Return Ratio to our clients.

Our Vision & Values :


Our values exist so that our employees know the standards they need to hold, and equally our clients understand the type of person they will encounter when working with us. As a collective, Wuddco Group is committed to being a responsible business. It is why we created the Building Foundations program to deliver a charter for the business to adhere to. This charter is guided by an ethos that promotes the well being of ‘People’, ‘Place’ and ‘Planet’.

Respect, diversity and inclusion are the fundamental principles behind how the business is composed, as they are a code for how staff are expected to treat one another. We are an inclusive employer committed to recruiting and supporting balanced teams across the business.

To set a new benchmark in conventional real estate world by becoming the most innovative and trusted brand with the adoption of new technologies and a centric focus on green and eco-friendly construction to fulfill the customers’ expectations To become the leader in any market we serve and revolutionize this organization to have the strength of a big company combined with the leanness and agility of a small firm.

Core Values :


Continuous Self-Improvement.

Autonomy and Entrepreneurship.

Respect and Concern for individuals.

Ethics, Honesty, and Integrity in all aspects of our business.

WUDDCO has been delivering world class hospitality for more than two decades. We strive to anticipate the needs of our customers with attention to detail, distinctive services, warmth, and concern because, at  WUDDCO  you’re always home.

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