Retail Marketing

Retail Marketing is one of the specialized sector of our group. Through our pan India, real estate platform, we uncover the intelligence and insights needed to predict and analyze changes in the dynamic retail landscape. Coupled with the extensive experience of our professionals, we tackle the most complex retail challenges. We have solutions that enhance competitive advantage by impacting bottom line performance and topline business value.

Our team has a cumulative experience of 12 years and a far-reaching network across various cities in India. Whether we work with landlords, investors or retailers, we bring a mix of transparency and integrity to each of our business lines. Thus, bringing an exceptional outcome aligned with our clients investment objectives.

Our unrivalled market knowledge allows us to navigate legal and financial responsibilities while minimizing costly void periods and maximizing returns on investment. It is our personal and thoughtfully considered approach which convinces thousands of buyers every year. Hence, our customized approach ensure our clients with sustained, yet bespoke strategies that add extensive business value.

Business Development

Wuddco Group started with the creation of 6 residential colonies in Lucknow. In 2008, the company expanded into the then-unknown region of Lucknow, creating exceptional living and working spaces for the new Indian global professionals.

We endeavor to achieve the best while delivering world-class developments. We are firmly committed to provide excellence in real-estate development. We believe in unlocking values to achieve all round prosperity and success to our patrons, investors and associates. To move a step further towards growth we have accumulated a vast land bank. Our standards, high degree of professionalism and credibility that we have infused in development of our projects prove this. Having executed such large projects, we as Builder, Developer & Retail marketer haven’t forgotten our commitment to the society. As part of our commitment we pledge to do all our developments social and environment friendly.

India continues to grow and evolve with changing trends in Retail Marketing. There has been massive development of new retail formats such as malls in recent times. From the entry of global players and firms with brands and growing consumerism, it is pressing pressure on demands for commercial spaces in the country. Hence, the retail marketing system in India which is dominated by small and unorganized entrepreneurs consisting of standalone stores, boutiques and kerana stores, is radically changing its face.

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